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Finally ! May we introduce? 


,, NORATLAS Limited Edition ,,


for sure  you one of 400 limited bottles .

The idea for our limited editions came about while working with our customers.

Through our project to create a gin for the transport squadron, we enjoyed flying and are very enthusiastic about the people and the technology behind it.

The sense of camaraderie and the passion behind something gave us the urge to create something that also brings people together privately.  



So we started a completely new recipe to create the first batch of our limited gin. It will be pleasantly fruity, because our recipe is based on delicious selected wild berries enriched with fresh mint, pine sprouts, lime and other secret ones  Ingredients.

Each bottle is labeled and unique. It is sold together with a specially made COIN.

We will dedicate the first collector's items to aviation. We produce the Limited Editions every Christmas. You can look forward to a large collection of different motifs.


Due to the exclusivity we only sell one bottle per person. So it's worth being quick :)  

​ NORATLAS Limited Edition 

Londondry Premium Gin 

43% vol 


Only 400 bottles!




​ NORATLAS Limited Edition Gin 500ml

Environmentally friendly design packaging

Metal Coin (limited to 400 pieces)




-------------------------------------------------- --------------------



You will receive the article in time for the release (mid-December 2021)!

After receipt of payment you are obliged to take delivery!

A maximum of two  Bottles can be bought per person!

You have to be at least 18 years old!

We only produce the first batch once! 400pcs.






,,NORATLAS,, Limited Edition

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    Only for persons over 18 years)

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