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Embark on a journey through the mountains!

Our summit clapper Londondry Gin is a regional distillate and a classic gin. In addition to juniper, the main part consists of fresh mountain herbs and pine needles, rounded off with fruity wild berries. It contains 12 selected botanicals.

We bottle the mountains!

As mountain and nature lovers, we were missing a suitable accompaniment for the summit schnapps on the gin market. The rituals after climbing the mountain are: Bergheil, high five on the summit cross and ideally a schnapps. Here it is, your companion for the mountain or after a successful tour. Enjoy him  #CHEERS


Like a juniper note typical of a classic dry gin, combined with herbs and a light sweet note from the berries.


The smell tells you a lot about the taste. From a concrete taste of juniper to the slightly resinous note of pine shoots to the light sweetness of wild berries to the pleasantly sharp finish of herbs and apple mint. PURE NATURE .

Driven by the pure desire for honest and simply good products, we developed this premium gin. Our GIPFELKLATSCHER is traditionally hand-distilled for you in small units from selected ingredients, without any industrial aids, artificial aromas or additives, with calm, patience and a lot of attention to detail.

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